Who is Negus Lamont?
A Bipolar author?
Negus Lamont has embarked on a journey that very few people would wish upon their worst enemies. After being diagnosed in 2016 he has been in and out of the hospital due to severe manic episodes. These manic episodes have taken him across the city and sometimes out of it. But one thing has been consistent throughout his journey and that is diving deep into his own psyche. The mind has dark places and these places don’t come with a torch. The novel Rise of the Abyss is the first manifestation of that trip and a trip it sure is.
and Design

The entire series focuses on the belief that paradise can be found through ones darkness.

and Implementation

The novel challenges the reader to analyze each major character to identify who is being plagued by what illness.

and Deception

Each major character goes through their own trials and tribulations causing them to take decisive action.

latest Works
Writing Process
Writing Rise of the Abyss while battling his mental illness was no easy task but it was a daily challenge that he gladly took on. As it stands he pushes himself to write every single day and is working on his second novel.


Negus has been an avid reader of fantasy since he was a child and loves watching fantasy/sci-fi/anime movies/shows.


Negus has loved the English language since he was in high school. Parables, similes, analogies you name it!


I don’t think there is a more creative mind than someone who has broken those mental barriers.


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Negus Lamont greatly appreciates all purchases made from the personal website and will gladly add a Rise of the Abyss pen while quantities last!

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