Paradise can be a fleeting thing, it is something that everyone wants to achieve but few understand how to do so. This site will show you how to create your own personal paradise through actionable mental health tips.

Maybe you’d be interested in flexing your reading muscles with a vicious tale of vampires, clerics, and shifters? The Unworthy Blood Knight intertwines mental illness with western fantasy themes to create a unique reading experience. All of this set in an unforgiving world where vampires are the scum beneath a cleric’s boot. The book and full blurb are available on Amazon. Follow the link below.

It follows Zurie who has lived her life as a toxin wielding vampire by being a complete failure, both in her eyes and the eyes of everyone around her. When her entire den is wiped out due to her own ineptitude she is once against thrust alone forced to find her place in a world that has deemed her unworthy.
The illustrated prequel that will be received for free when you sign up to my e-mail list. Follows four guildmasters stuck in a deadly stalemate. As they do the treacherous dance of death time seems to be running out for one of them who has grown exceedingly ill.