Paradise can be a fleeting thing, it is something that everyone wants to achieve but few understand how to do so. This is the official site of Negus Lamont. The author who mixes mental health with action fantasy/dark fantasy.

The Undisputed Blood Knight is the prequel novelette to The Unworthy Blood Knight. It details the ascent of The Associate on his journey to becoming The Vamp Lord, a godlike figure in the vampire community. If you enjoy a fast paced fantasy action/adventure story you will love The Undisputed Blood Knight. Receive it free when you sign up to our newsletter. Click the link below to receive!
The Unworthy Blood Knight follows Zurie Valentine who has lived her life as a toxin wielding vampire by being a complete failure, both in her eyes and the eyes of everyone around her. When her entire den is wiped out due to her own ineptitude she is once against thrust alone forced to find her place in a world that has deemed her unworthy. If you enjoy death, treachery, magic and mayhem you will enjoy this full length novel. Click the link below to purchase!