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Creating your Paradise

How does one find their paradise?

Ancient Path Advisory is a system designed to bring intrigue and mystery to an otherwise mundane existence, it is a system that emphasizes self-actualization and transformation. Rather than focus on the simple troubles of the conscious mind APA focuses on the clearing and the healing of the subconscious mind to create a bountiful existence. The following techniques allow the wielder to create their own destiny and manifest a reality that is not only positive but also enjoyable.

Ancient Path Advisory – Path work

Finding your ancient path

Relying on chance will not satisfy your goals only action, self-reliance, and a vision of self can bring it to fruition. The ability to find your ideal self is the first step to overcoming any challenge and pursuing any opportunity. It is a common belief that luck is merely the point in time where opportunity meets preparation. This belief is not in itself false, however it is somewhat misleading. It would be more accurate to say that this meeting is a crossroads between the conscious, subconscious, and several open doors. One problem most run into is a matter of which version of themselves will go through the door. The lack of communication between the conscious and subconscious has caused many people to miss countless opportunities. Additionally, this failure to connect can often cause one to make the wrong decision that leads them down a path of self destruction. Because of this, it is important that we discuss the concept of the ideal self and how to lay down the ground work necessary to finding your true path.


Subconscious Communication:  The first phase as with most processes is the most important to ensuring success is achieved. One cannot hope to build their empire without a strong foundation. When first finding your Ancient Path it is important that you find your ideal self. Your ideal self is the ideal version of yourself that your subconscious has created. It is an entity that that dictates the majority of your dissatisfactions. It is not uncommon for the traits you dislike in those around you to be something that subconsciously you either dislike in yourself or feel that you lack. Your subconscious can be your most destructive adversary or your most trusted ally; this is a fact that cannot be avoided regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, age, or gender association. The first step in finding your ideal self is to ask yourself several probing questions, many of which the answer will come to you in time. An answer that may seem accurate in the moment may prove to be inaccurate days or weeks afterwards.


Questions to ask yourself:  It is important to note that the answer to these questions will never be a mere yes or no.

  1. If I could speak to my nine year old self would he/she be impressed with what I do for a living why/why not?
  2. When I look in the mirror do I feel fulfilled with my chosen profession? Why/Why not?
  3. Have I achieved all of the goals that I had set forth for myself during high school, or am I on the right path to achieving these goals? What were those goals?
  4. What aspect of my job am I satisfied with? How do these things affect me positively?
  5. What aspect of my job am I dissatisfied with? How do these things affect me negatively?
  6. What about me do I feel needs to be changed in order to be more fulfilled at my current occupation?
  7. What aspects of my current job would I love to change? Why do I want these changes?
  8. If I was my boss how would I treat an employee like myself?
  9. If I was the boss which one of my colleagues would I terminate? Why?
  10. What is my first thought when I walk into work? What is my final thought?
  11. Overall how do I feel about my colleagues?

These questions are used to direct your subconscious towards revealing your deepest desires. The process of subconscious communication can take days, weeks, or months. This greatly depends on how developed your mind’s eye is. The mind’s eye is essentially your ability to manifest an image through the use of your imagination. This does not mean an image will appear before you physically but that you have created a mental picture that you can identify with. Once you have answered the aforementioned questions it is time to piece together what your Ideal Self would look like.


Awakening of self:  The next step into finding your ancient path is to bring your ideal self to the forefront of your mind. It is important to use your mental energy on who you want to be physically. The only limitations are ones that you yourself cannot control. An example of these things would be age, height and ethnicity. This ideal version of yourself is you at your pique condition. There are several questions that will aid in this construction, they are as follows:

  1. How does my ideal self dress?
  2. How does my ideal self talk?
  3. How does my ideal self walk?
  4. What does my ideal self do for a living?
  5. What car does my ideal self drive?
  6. Where does my ideal self live?
  7. Does my ideal self have the same friends that I have now?
  8. What is my ideal self like? (confident, attractive, flamboyant. Etc.)
  9. What is my ideal self’s core desire? (To care for others, intimacy, freedom. Etc)
  10. What is my ideal self’s biggest fear? (Failure, death, boredom. Etc.)
  11. What is my ideal self’s best trait?
  12. What is my ideal self’s worst trait?


After answering these questions it is important to spend time with the person you have just created. This ideal self is someone who has been waiting within your subconscious for year’s perhaps even decades. This next exercise can be done via written, oral, or through the mind’s eye. The point of finding the Ancient Path is to take the route that best serves your needs.  The next phase is as follows:

I am exercise: The “I am” exercise is a transformative technique that stems from the Latin phrase Cogito ergo sum coined by Rene Descartes. This task is one that requires strong mental fortitude. It is possible to spend up to a month mastering this technique for this technique requires one to completely integrate a new philosophical aspect into their current belief system.  This technique appears simple at first however the difficulty comes in the repetition necessary for it to succeed. One must tell themselves “I am X” Where x represents a positive trait that their ideal self has attained, another variation of this that some may find useful it to use their full name and add in the positive trait. “My name is X and I am X”. Additionally these traits can be written on the mirrors in the bedroom and the bathroom and read out loud every day.


When one anticipates a challenging situation they are able to prepare for it. By utilizing the mind’s eye one is able to predict the best way to act in any anticipated situation. This process may take days, weeks, or months to master and is a very important step. Once fully prepared for a myriad of situations the current self will transform into the Ideal Self over time. During this transformation period there are five phrases that will speed up this process.


  1. Ambition is food for the soul, it is to go forward without looking back to feed on that which gives satisfaction
  2. Discipline over mind, body, and soul is essential to achievement.
  3. Regrets and failures are only such when one was not trying to their fullest, otherwise they are lessons.
  4. The inner mind can be fed in a myriad of ways whether it is money, power, respect, love, knowledge or a combination of the aforementioned.
  5. When you change your mentality you change your reality for reality is a combination of perception between you and those around you.

Important Note: The most crucial aspect is to remember that you are in charge of your mind and only you can unlock the vast amount of power that is available. It is important to clear the mental trash that resides within your subconscious in order to increase the power that you wield.

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