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Embark on a new journey as the vampire community scheme their way out of a deadly stalemate.

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The Undisputed Blood Knight is an action-packed novelette that centers around a bloody war between the holy clerics of the light and the vampires of the night. An organized group of vampires seek to deal a catastrophic blow to the clerics by eliminating their greatest healer. They send two of their top vampires to do the deed, but it becomes more than they bargained for when they return from their mission. This novelette serves as a standalone prequel to The Unworthy Blood Knight.

  • The Undisputed Blood Knight is for mature adults
  • The Undisputed takes a deep dive into several key figures from The Unworthy Blood Knight
  • The Undisputed takes a unique spin on the vampire genre by mixing in entertaining fantasy themes.
  • Filled with magic, mayhem, treachery, and high-level decisions, this novelette will be sure to entertain and stimulate.

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