A captivating and intrigue-filled tale of death, treachery, magic, and mayhem. It combines western fantasy themes with the challenges of mental illness to create a unique reading experience.

                In the war-torn world of Lelanos, one’s guild transcends blood ties. No other guild reflects this belief better than the neutral Elephant Guild. There are five tenets that all must adhere to, but one that has never been broken. When the stoic judge James receives an urgent letter, he must leave the safety of Grande to enter the buzzing city that is Larimar. Soon after his arrival one thing becomes clear.

Great beauty often hides great scars underneath and Larimar is no different.  When James learns of a dark and twisted practice his mind becomes fragmented. Plagued by hallucinations and voices he must decide which is more important, his personal idea of justice or the guilds. The abyss that is his mind threatens to engulf him, will he give in to his demons?